ShipTo for Dynamics GP

SalesPad's ShipTo gives users the ability to integrate UPS WorldShip with Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad. After shipping in UPS WorldShip, shipping information, freight amounts and tracking information are automatically written to the appropriate fields in the sales documents. Orders are then forwarded in the SalesPad Workflow and managed through the invoicing process.

ShipTo Process
  • Sales orders are created in SalesPad and released into the SalesPad Workflow
  • Orders are picked, packed and taken to a UPS WorldShip(TM) shipping station
  • The order number is keyed or scanned into UPS WorldShip(TM)
  • ShipTo populates the shipping address and method
  • The package is weighed and labeled
  • The package’s freight amount and tracking information are written to the appropriate fields in the Microsoft Dynamics GP company database
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